A vast range of solar panels can be purchased. Different sizes and power outputs available. The most common panels cover a range between 20 and 250Wp although smaller and bigger are available.

Ico-GE Africa Solar kit with 230V

Ico-GE Africa Solar Kit


Africa Solar kit. Solar Kit specially designed for developing countries.

D.I.Y. Arriate Solar Kit with Battery
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Arriate Solar Kit with Battery


Do it yourself Arriate expandable solar kit. This solar kit covers the basic electric lighting needs of a small offgrid house. Includes battery and lights 

BlackBull 60 Amp Charger

BlackBull Twin voltage 12/24V 60 Amp Charger


High range reliable 60A 24V WaM automatic battery charger.

3 step charging, for both GEL/AGM and Lead Acid batteries. Equalization for flooded batts possible. Good for 24V systems