A vast range of solar panels can be purchased. Different sizes and power outputs available. The most common panels cover a range between 20 and 250Wp although smaller and bigger are available.

blackbull 12/24V 30Amp battery charger

BlackBull Twin voltage 12/24V 30 Amp Charger


Above-middle-range reliable 30A batt charger.

3 step charging, for both GEL/AGM and Lead Acid batteries. Equalization for flooded batts possible. Twin voltage for 12 and 24V systems

Atajate Solar Kit

Atajate Solar Kit


The Atajate solar kit covers almost all the electric needs of a small rural house. Generates aprox +2-2,5kw a day. Complete kit with inverter.

Benaojan Solar Kit with 150W Solar
  • Pack

Benaojan Solar Kit with 150W Solar


This small D.I.Y. kit covers more than the basic electric needs of a small rural non-permanent usage house. With 230V. 

Trojan AMG SAGM 12-105

Trojan AMG SAGM 12-105


Maintenance free Trojan AGM SAGM 12 105 compact size 12V, deep cycle, "Made in USA" Solar Battery. 3 year warranty.