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Small Round Ecosphere

Small Round Ecosphere

The Original EcoSphere® is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem -
Pod Type Small Ecosphere

Small Pod Ecosphere


The Original EcoSphere® Enclosed Microsystem with Live shrimps

Big Pod Ecosphere

Big Pod Ecosphere


The Original Medium Size Pod-Type EcoSphere is the world's first totally enclosed Ecosystem

Pack Ventus W830 WIFI Weather Station

Estacion Meteo Wifi-Internet Ventus W830

€149.00 €139.00
The Ventus W830 WIFI Weather Station offers quality and professional precision at a very affordable price.
Precipitation, UV index, light intensity, outside and inside temperature, forecast and humidity. Completely wireless with wifi connection between the external module, console and internet. Share your weather conditions with the whole world at no cost (free apps), and check it from your mobile at any time!
Floating Floatron
  • On sale!

Floatron Solar Water Purifier

€299.95 -15% €254.96

Original Floatron solar pool purifier. BEWARE and DONT get ripped off with cheap fakes!! This is the only one and original Floatron!!

Lithium Battery equipped Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike


Lithium battery equipped, electrically assisted Shimano 6 speed mountain bike by Ico-GE