Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are a revolution in heating systems.
A clean and economical heating medium, 100% ecological and renewable. They reduce emissions and take care of the environment, and offer a high level of comfort.

Depending on the size and model they can offer up to several days of heat supply with just one a single pellet load. They can be turn on automatically and can be fully programmed and domotized via optional wifi and even be turned on remotely from your smartphone.

The pellets used are a 100% renewable fuel that is manufactured from industrial waste wood (mainly pine / elm) and release low CO2 emissions respecting the natural CO2 cycle of nature. When a tree dies, it decomposes and releases the CO2 that it has stored during its life. This process is reproduced when pellets are burned: releasing easily processable CO2 back to the environment, compared to other energies such as gas, diesel, etc. The energetic efficiency of pellets is very high. Operating costs are about half the price of traditional fuels, so in the medium term savings are important. We only recommend ENPlus A1 Certified Quality pellets, such as those we have been marketing for years, with guaranteed quality, thus ensuring the correct operation of the stove, increasing and maximizing its performance as well as the useful life of the appliance itself.

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