EcoSafe Solar TYS8 8OPzS800

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Set of 6 Enersys 8OPzS800 cells (for a 12V setup).

Set of 6 Enersys OPzS cells (for a 12V setup).

8OPzS800 - 1220Ah @ C120 rating.

The Enersys Powersafe batteries are the robust energy storage solution, with a proven technology that has been used for decades in applications that require a safe and reliable battery with long service life, and with the gaurantee of the worlds leading battery manufacturer. Hawker Powersafe Solar batteries have an extremely high tolerance to cycling and long life in standby parallel mode. They are designed and manufactured according to DIN Standards. They cover a wide field of applications some of which are telecommunication centers, control and monitoring systems in power plants and distribution stations, railway stations, signaling, control and regulating systems, data processing systems, airports, emergency lighting, alarm systems, energy supply etc.

Compliant to DIN standards
The optimized plate design results in increased capacities over DIN standards.

  • Minimum maintenance due to reduced antimony content and large electrolyte reserve volume.
  • Ideal for cycling applications due to the tubular plate technique. 
  • Long service life: more than 15 years in floating applications expected. 
  • Recommended temperature range of operation (-10ºC up to +50ºC, preferred value 20ºC). 
  • Delivered in wet charged (with acid) condition. 
  • Suitable for all standard types of installation.
  • lxbxh 145 x 210 x 687
  • single cell weight 65Kg
  • Delivered on "strapped in" pallet with all necessary juntions, screws and caps. indicated price of 6Pack (12V)

2 + 1 year Warranty

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