Terms and conditions

All product orders are accepted by Grupo EnyMova, S.L. -Ensol.es- according to the following Sales terms and conditions.

Acceptance of goods implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Pricing and payments 

All prices listed are valid except any misprints.

The prices listed in the store are including the national 21% VAT. This quantity can be deducted from the full amount if a company or valid european impex tax number 

Ensol.es reserves the right to vary the price of goods without prior notice according to market conditions. 

Payment should be made by the methods listed in the order in Euros. 

Accepted as payment are:

- Cash and credit card for local pickup

- Bank transfer

- Secured online Credit Card payment through Unicaja Server

- Paypal

- Cash On Delivery (only for Mainland Spain and Baleares) -Implies Courier surcharge

Some goods are not delivered as C.O.D.such as Fridge Freezersand any goods shipped directly from a manufacturer as eg, pallets of batteries.

For large volumes and international orders, please wait for our confirmation and shipping prices before any money is transferred

Delivery times and product availability

Generally, all goods will be shipped in 48 hours after the order and payment has been recieved and 24 hours for C.O.D.orders 

Delivery for items not in stock may vary between 2 and 20 working days.. These deadlines are for guidance only, but we intend to accomplish them. However, should any delay occur, it does not imply the cancellation of the order nor any compensation. 

The delivery is considered completed after the product has been delivered to the Client by the courier and the recipient has signed the delivery receipt. It is of high importance to check the goods upon receipt of them and indicate any bumps, scratches or damages on the signed receipt. Any damages have to be reported to the Courier/Transporter WITHIN 24 HOURS UPON DELIVERY, otherwise any damages cannot be claimed neither to the transporter nor to ensol.es

If products are not served in accordance to the order specified in the delivery, you should make an inmediate complaint to us, although

EnyMova states that the product offered usually corresponds to the photograph and technical description of it, although in some cases they might vary slightly due to catalogue images on certain products.

However, it is exempt from liability for those cases in which due to technical or human errors there were mistakes or variations between the photograph, the technical description and the price. It also shows that the photographs are merely indicative and there may be variations in their physical appearance but without impairing the integrity and performance of the product requested.

EnyMova is exempt from the contents, information, opinions or comments disseminated through its portal or respond to the use that the user makes of that information.


All products are covered by a 1~5 year national/international warranty depending on product. Warranties to be attended in spain will be postage-paid shipped to the official technical service point indicated by Ensol.es. Goods to be shipped freight-paidin all cases

Products made by Boliy Power, Ico-GE, Flopower and Shurflo can be shipped directy to:

Grupo EnyMova, S.L.,

 P.O. Box 1098 (Ctra A-369, Km 6,2)

29400 Ronda (Málaga)

Debit shipments are not accepted unless indicated