Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Self-sufficiency and sustainability at your reach

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München Solar 270Wp delante
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Amerisolar AS-6P30 280W Solar Panel


High-tech, high output Policrystalline 280Wp, 60 cell Amerisolar AS-6P30 panel with aluminium frame. Top quality, and incredible 17,52% efficiency and a 30 year warranty!

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Baxi Solar Water Heater STS300
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Baxi STS 300L Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Kit

Complete and economic high quality BaxiRoca STS 300 thermosyphon hot solar water system for 300L of free hot water on sunny days. Single structure for both flat or tilted roof installation.

€3,291.20 -60% €1,316.48