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Led lights

LED lights are slowly taking over the traditional light bulbs. Their low energy usage, extremely long life expectancy and price are the most recommended source of light, specially in places where artificial light is necessary many hours, where a very short paypack time is obtained.

Solar powered Ico-GE garden LED string

Solar Garden Led String

€22.95 -15% €19.51

Enviroment friendly, energy saving LED string. Long life with rechargable solar battery.

Ico-GE nichia powered led mr16 3w
  • On sale!

3W Nichia powered MR16 LED


Super power 12/24V 3W super bright LED MR16 spotlight. "Made in Japan" SMD LEDs by Nichia corp.

18W 12V Lamp+holder

18W 12V Lamp+holder


Ideal complete high power 12V 18W lamp with housing and lamp cover

Steca Solsum 12VDC 11W Cold White energy saving lamp
  • On sale!

12VDC 11W Cold White energy saving lamp

€3.94 -15% €3.35

Special offer on German Steca Solsum CFL 11W 12Vdc energy saving lamps offer excellent ilumination with a minimum power consumption.

Ico-GE SMD MR16 fixing warm white
  • On sale!

Ico-GE Spotlight MR16 SMD 2.3W LED Warm White


The future is here. These High power LED lights contain small diodes of ultra high power LEDs making interior use possible. Ultra low power consumption of only 2,5W, no UV emissions, no heat. 12VAC/DC