Lithium Batteries

Due to their long useful life, charge capacity, energy concentration and lack of maintenance, lithium batteries provide the best technical characteristics compared to other types of batteries on the market.

In recent years, batteries for photovoltaic installations have evolved dramatically. The elements that compose them have improved and for this reason they are increasingly durable and reliable.

New accumulation systems appear every year and their prices are more affordable for the private or individual consumer.

Indeed lithium batteries are somewhat more expensive than traditional lead / acid batteries but they have a much longer useful life than traditional batteries so in the long run they compensate the initial investment.

Lead batteries have improved a lot in this regard, but even so they are somewhat far from the benefits of lithium ion batteries.

Much easier to transport and store, take up much less space and weigh much less.

They don't emit gases or odors so you can install them even inside your home.

In terms of charge and discharge cycles, these batteries are much less demanding.

They do not need to be fully charged, even their lifespan increases if full charge is avoided.

They can also be almost completely discharged without suffering hardly any damage, which is very useful for seasonal houses that are not inhabited for long periods of time or in motorhomes.

In summary: Lithium solar batteries for solar panels have great advantages over the rest of the more traditional batteries

  • More reliable batteries.
  • No memory effect and can be discharged up to 80-90% daily without harming them.
  • Take up less space and weigh up to 70% less compared to those of Lead.
  • No maintenance.
  • Safer batteries.
  • Less time to load.
  • Very high recharge energy efficiency.

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