Biogri.The Unique European Solar Barbecue

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Biogrì: A new way of ecologic barbeque!!

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Biogrì: A new sustainable and healthy way to barbecue.

BIOGRI doesn't use direct or indirect fire, heated plates, resistors or other electric components: only the sunlight, appropriately reflected, determines the cooking. As the sunlight is the main element for cooking, there are not substantial differences between summer and winter, but it is important when you use BIOGRI (the maximum radiation occurs in the central hours of the day) and clarity of atmosphere. BIOGRI reach the max temperatures of 230° - 240° (cooking occurs at an average temperature of 180° - 200°) and there are no times of pre-heating: foods immediately begin to warm when you expose it to the sun. BIOGRI is ecological: Anodized aluminium base, structure in natural wood, no paint with chemical solvents.

Packaging is made with only recycled cardboard (not polystyrene, nylon or plastic). BIOGRI is easily transportable, with removable and lockable tripod. It also has a tray for collecting grease and cooking oil to avoid soiling the mirror, it is easily removable for quick cleaning.

Adjustable skewer on 6 fixed positions (for homogeneous cooking), fit for automatic rotisserie battery.

Advantages of using Biogrì

Uses no direct or indirect fire, heated plates, resistors or other: only the sunlight, appropriately reflected, produces the cooking.

Cooking without smokes and particles from combustion (such as occurs with the traditional charcoal grill) for healthier foods and natural.

Orientation toward the sun through a double-rotation device, using a viewfinder for correct alignment.

Not needed the human presence for monitoring of cooking because there is no free flames and there is no danger of burns. You need a simple repositioning toward the sun sometimes.

As no smoke are produced BIOGRI can be used on balconies, terraces, gardens, courtyards and in all those situations where the traditional barbecue can be inconvenient.

Highly portable and not needing fuel, BIOGRI is particularly suitable for use in camping, picnics in the countryside, forests and on beach, without any fire danger.

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