Ico-Ge-45A II 12/24V digital solar controller

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Simple reliable Ico-GE 45 Amp digital solar controller with display.

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Simple very complete and reliable Ico-GE 45 Amp digital solar controller with display.


  • Backlighted LCD displayshowing battery and solar voltage, temperature, time and output mode

  • Fully programable cut in/out DC Charge and consumer voltages

  • Suitable for the widest range of battery types

  • 3 Optimised stage charging alogarithm w/temp compensation

  • Shows panel and Batt voltage
  • 12/24 V automatic switching
  • Included temperature sensor for optimized battery charging
  • Programmable timer switch with four output modes:manual, constant, timer and light sensor
  • Light sensor switch (good for solar street lamps)
  • Ultra compact

Technical parameters:

  •  Parameter
  • Voltage DC50V
  • Max charge Current 45A (upto 500W 12V and 1000W 24V maximum )
  • Max discharge Current 45A
  • Overdischarge voltage 10.0—12.5V  - 20.0—25.0V (±0.2V)
  • Overdischarge restart voltage 10.5—13.0V / 21.0—26.0V (±0.2V)
  • Over chargevoltage 12.5—15.5V / 25.0—31.0V (±0.2V)
  • Float voltage 12.5—14.5V /25.0—29.0V (±0.2v)
  • Time precision ±50S/Month
  • Charging temp compensation -20mV /ºC
  • PWM Three stage charging
  • Self power consumptiong <15mA
  • Operating Temp -20 to +50ºC
  • IP22
  • Size 100 * 76 * 33(mm)
  • Weight 320 g

Warranty: 2 years on manufacturing defaults

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