Ceroil 200ml EcoClean Hydroalcoholic gel with 70% Ethanol

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Ceroil 70% Alcohol Gel ECO CLEAN sanitazing Hydroalcohilic Gel. 200ml

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The Ceroil 200ml EcoClean ALCOHOL GEL is a hydroalcoholic solution specially designed for fast and efficient hand sanitization by friction without rinsing needs.
It is a cleanser suitable for cleaning both surfaces and sanitizing and disinfecting the skin
Neutral pH.
Its reduces package size lets you carry it around easily.
It is a powerful against bacteria, easy to use, fast to act and non spillable. D
It doesn't not require the use of water
Quick application and drying
Refreshing effect
It allows to carry out sanitation with great frequency, without the drawbacks of traditional washing
Apply the gel and distribute it vigorously rubbing until completely absorbed.
Available Packages: 200 ml.
Useful for:
Cleaning hands
Surface cleaning
Food handling personnel in meat, food, schools, daycare industries ...
All those cases in which a complementary sanitizing effect to hand soap is required.
Due to its composition, it can also be used to clean cutting material, knives, etc.
Ingredients: Denaturalised alcohol, water, glycerin, carboxyvinyl polymer and triethanolamine, colourant 15985. Contains up to 70% Ethanol in solution.
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