Set of 6x 2V Ensol 3SPZS560 Solar Batteries

759,00 €

Low cost, 6xBlackBull 2V PZS cells solar battery for a 12V setup. 560A capacity

Low cost, BlackBull 2V SPZS cells solar battery. 560 six-pack for a 12V setup

Long lasting like the OpZS batteries.  

The main visible difference is the box type, as it is black, not translucent nor transparent.

Pricewise it is quiete a bit cheaper than traditional opzs batteries with equivalent amperage.

Delivered complete with terminals interconnection bits and free density meter.

Price includes delivery (no surcharge).

Size (mm)per cell WxBxH 651x198x600

Total weight: 132 kgs

Not available as a cash on delivery product.

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