Shurflo 8090-902-248 High Pressure water pump

179,95 €

The Shurflo 8090-902-248 is a high pressure and high efficiency water pump

The 8090-902-248 high efficiency SHURflo pump has been achieved thru more than 20 years of experience in electric pumping. From the patented 3 chamber pumps to its reliable electric motor and mechanical parts. The main charateristics are the extremely low power consumption, very long life and easy use.

Dry functioning protected
3 valve chambers
Salt proof
Permanent magnet motor with thermal protection
Can be fitted in any position, are very compact with a very long life expectancy
Auto start
Silent operation
Pressure upto 6,9 Bar

Main Characteristics:
*For intermittent use

Specially designed for high volume water transfers, under harsh conditions. Irrigations etc.
Possibility of getting spare parts: easy to replace.

IMPORTANT: Use of a pressure tank is highly recommended when used for houses and pressurised systems and when used for longer (max 30 mins continuous) running periods.

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