SAJ H1-6K-S2 Hybrid

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Reduce your electricity bill now with the hybrid SAJ H1-6K-S2 inverter. 

A high-performance single-phase hybrid inverter that works with and without batteries. It allows batteries to be charged at times when there is surplus production to "spend" at another time or at night, when the sun is not enough to feed consumption. Four intelligent working modes with time programming for battery charging and discharging. Works with and without batteries!

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The SAJ H1-6K-S2 Hybrid hybrid inverter is a high-performance single-phase hybrid inverter that works with and without batteries.

With WiFi connection and double MPPT input, it is a device that allows you to considerably reduce your electricity bill costs by injecting into your home the electricity produced by the connected solar panels for consumption in the home, warehouse, or commercial premises.

It has a dual wide range MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) tracker (100-550V) and an efficiency close to perfection.

Specially designed for homes that already have a connection to the electricity grid. The inverter can directly deliver the energy generated by the photovoltaic panels to the electrical installation of the house, and at night, when there is no power generation, the house takes the energy from the batteries that are charged with the surplus production before switch to network (all 100% programmable). It also allows to be programmed for self-consumption without discharge, both with and without batteries. Prepared with specific communication parameters for Dyness and Pylontech through Can.

This inverters pays for itself quickly as it provides significant savings on electricity bills with a low investment. Through the "eSolar Portal", a platform developed by SAJ and a WiFi connection, it allows monitoring data, status, monthly daily production, etc., as well as remote maintenance to manage energy and firmware updates.

It allows to work with or without batteries and its main function is to transform the direct current of the panels into alternating current. The inverter together with the energy meter (supplied separately) allow a battery to be charged with the surplus of the photovoltaic production and in this way have energy available when the sun is not enough to not use energy from the electrical network and be the most self-sufficient as possible.

It is connected to the general electrical network of the house. We always recommend the joint purchase with a Chint smart meter that reads all the data on electricity consumption and production, being able not only to do self-consumption, but also to inject surpluses into the public network.

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