Eolos WW2000

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High performance Windturbine WW2000.

High performance Eolos WW2000 Windturbine.
Equipped with precision molding injected Nylon fibre blades.
Low start-up/cut-in wind speed, achieved by the low torque high power electro-magnet design.
Overspeed Protect by aerodynamic blade elasticity and auto-furl and special electrical design to minimize wear.
Highly efficient and compact alternator equipped with permanent magnets.
Excellent HQ blade design perfectly balanced for maximum efficiency.
Very small momentum
Hybrid controller for wind turbine + solar panel with PWM charge function.
Aluminum housing designed for direct heat dissipation, light weighted and ready for the toughest enviromental conditions.

Technical parameters
Start-up Wind Speed(m/s) 2.3
Rated Wind Speed (m/s) 12
Cut-in Wind Speed: (m/s) 3
Rated voltage 24VDC
Rated Power (W) 2000
Maximum Power (W) 2600
diameter (m) 4,2
Number of blades 3
Max. Wind Speed (m/s) 60
Temperature Range: -30 to +60 Deg.
Overspeed protection
By loss of speed by blades and autofurl. electromagnetic control.
protection: Electromagnetic control

Charge controller and multi-step dump load included



Warranty: 2 years

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