Aquagen OPZS Battery Gas Recombiners

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In the operation of batteries with aqueous electrolyte, not
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In the operation of batteries with aqueous electrolyte, not only is electrical energy stored during charging or even float charging, but water decomposition also takes place as a secondary reaction. This produces the gases hydrogen and oxygen which can then escape from the battery.

 Over time the level of the electrolyte falls and its concentration rises.

The gasses are recombined internally, that is, reconverted to water.
Consequently, AquaGen® vent plugs offer the following advantages:

  • no need for topping-up with water,
  • greatly-reduced escape of detonating gas,
  • no electrolyte fumes,
  • prevention of flashback and reduced ventilation requirements.
  • Can be used on all brands of OPzS batteries
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