Goodwe GW5000EM 5kW Hybrid Grid zero Solar Inverter

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The GOODWE EM inverters are hybrid solar inverters. They make the use of the conventional electrical network possible interacting with batteries, so they allow a self-consumption, grid zero installation. The GW5000EM allows upto 6,5kW of solar panels to be attached.

During the day the batteries accumulate the surplus energy that isn't used and is produced by the solar panels. This energy is available at the time of day when there is no solar production and can eliminate most of the electricity bill.

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The Goodwe GW5000EM hybrid solar inverter is ideal for installations connected to the grid (self-consumption). Being a bidirectional inverter, its technology allows us to feed our electrical devices with solar energy, and charge the batteries with the "surplus" energy.

Doing this, during the day that there is little or no renewable solar power available, we feed ourselves with the energy stored in the batteries.

The Goodwe GW5000EM allows up to 6.5kw in solar panels (for example 24 of our 270Wp Munchen Solar) in two series of 12 units.

Technical specs:

Maximum solar input power: 6.5kW

Maximum solar input voltage: 550V

MPPT voltage range: 100 ~ 500V

Starting voltage: 150V

Recommended MPPT voltage: 230 ~ 500V

Nominal input voltage: 360V

Maximum input current: 11A

Maximum short-circuit current: 13.8A

MPPT solar trackers: 2

Maximum efficiency: 97.6%

Prepared to accept lithium and lead batteries

Weight 17 kgs

Size (mm) 347x432x175

2 years warranty

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