Ico-GE Energy Meter Ico410

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NEW MODEL Power Consumption/Energy Meter.

NEW MODEL Power Consumption/Energy Meter.
Discover what is "eating" your power in the home and thus reduce your power bills.
All this with no installation necessary.
Simply insert the Energy Check in the socket and the relevant consumer into the Energy Check.
It displays both real power usage in W and total in kWh as total time the consumer has been running and for how long the recording has been carried out.
If the current power price is introduced you be able to read out the costs of your washing machine or refrigerator in Euros and Cents. Even the often underestimated standby operating costs of TV sets and satellite receivers are calculated exactly.

Technical data: effective output range 1.5 - 3680 W
increments 0.1 W
Max connected appliances 3680W
Max 16A
tolerance ± 1 % ± 1 digit
consumption measurement: 1 KWh - 999,9 kWh
maximum recording 9999 hours
operating voltage 200-250 Vac /50 Hz ± 10 %
Self consumption aprox. 1,8 W.
Schuko plug, child protected with earth.

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