SAJ R5-4K-S2 inverter

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Reduce your electricity bill now with the SAJ R5-4K-S2 and produce your own energy of up to 20kw per day with this on-grid power inverter, with 10x 450W or 9x 545W solar panels.

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The SAJ R5-4K-S2 is a powerful grid connection inverter for single-phase installations.

With WiFi connection and double MPPT input, it is a device that allows you to considerably reduce your electricity bill costs by injecting into your home the electricity produced by the connected solar panels for consumption in the home, warehouse, or commercial premises.

It has a dual wide range MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) tracker (100-550V) and an efficiency close to perfection.

They are specially designed for homes that already have a connection to the electrical network. The inverter can directly deliver the energy generated by the photovoltaic panels to the home's electrical installation, and at night, when there is no power generation, the home takes energy from the electrical network without interruptions, jumps or fluctuations.

They pay for themselves quickly as they provide significant savings on electricity bills with a low investment.

Through the "eSolar Portal", a platform developed by SAJ and a WiFi connection, it allows monitoring data, status, monthly daily production, etc., as well as remote maintenance to manage energy. They are connected to the general electrical network of the house. We always recommend joint purchase with a smart meter that reads all the data on electricity consumption and production, being able not only to do self-consumption, but also to inject surpluses into the public network.

Ultra-quiet operation since it does not have an external fan, and its cooling is natural by dissipation in the back. IP65 protection (outdoor mounting without direct exposure to the sun and indoors) WiFi included MC4 type MPPT connectors. RS-485 communication. Optional grid non-injection system (essential Chint smart meter).

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