Ritar RA12-180 AGM battery

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RITAR RA12-180 AGM 12V 180A sealed battery. 214Ah@C100. Ideal for caravans. Suitable for indoor and less ventilated / non-ventilated spaces. Designed for a service life of up to 12 years in float and 1200-1400 cycles with a discharge of up to 30%


Ideal battery for photovoltaic / wind installations and motorhomes

The AGM RITAR RA12-180 Battery is a battery designed for UPS and EPS UPS, medical equipment and emergency lights, so its application for use in solar installations is more than indicated and with exceptional performance.

A very robust battery, with a long life (designed for 10 years) and with constant performance day after day. Although not a battery designed for deep cycling, AGM batteries for these applications incorporate design elements that ensure optimum performance. The robust plates extend the life of AGM batteries.

They have a very small internal resistance which allows for higher current discharge and more efficient charging. They are the perfect complement for any photovoltaic solar installation, as well as caravans, alarm systems, UPZ measurement equipment, etc.


  • AGM technology with absorbed electrolyte
  • Minimal self-discharge
  • Totally maintenance free Suitable for indoor applications
  • Multipurpose battery
  • High discharge capacity High reliability
  • More than 500 cycles at 50% D.O.D.
  • More than 1800 cycles at 30% discharge
  • 214Ah at C100
  • Long useful life
  • Without maintenance
  • Capacity: 2.56 kW
  • Dimensions (mm) 530x209x219 274
  • Weight: 51 Kgs
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