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Kits solares

The solar kits that we offer you at are the result of years of research and self testing with different products, as new elements that are coming to market. We don't simply group up a series of components so that it morealess works, but we select them to obtain maximum performance in the global kit. Pioneers since 2002 and specialized in isolated installations (isolated meaning where there is no electrical network) both for fresh and new installations as repairs or upgrades to existing systems.

With the new spanish grid connection law, we also have self-consumption and feedback kits with and without batteries, so you can self-consume in the most efficient way possible. Direct self-consumption without batteries is somewhat more economical but limits itself to solar hours and excusively in real time. A gridtie sysytem with batteries backup increases the savings considerably (even reaching "zero" consumption 24 hours a day).

We also have solar pumps up to 240mts and equipment to convert any traditional well pump to solar pump, as well as solar pool pumps.

You may not find what you are looking for ... If that is your case, contact us.

Ico-GE Africa Solar kit with 230V

Ico-GE Africa Solar Kit


Africa Solar kit. Solar Kit specially designed for developing countries.

D.I.Y. Arriate Solar Kit with Battery
  • Pack

Arriate Solar Kit with Battery


Do it yourself Arriate expandable solar kit. This solar kit covers the basic electric lighting needs of a small offgrid house. Includes battery and lights 

Benaojan Solar Kit with 150W Solar
  • Pack

Benaojan Solar Kit with 160W Solar


This small D.I.Y. kit covers more than the basic electric needs of a small rural non-permanent usage house. With 230V. 

Ñ super solar kit
  • On sale!
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super Kit Ñ


The Super Kit Ñ. Cheaper with all these bits is simply impossible...

D.I.Y. Frigo Campo Kit

Campo Fridge Solar Kit


Ice cubes and Cold beer in summer out in the middle of the campo... without needing to have the generator running all day long. Includes A+ 150Cm Fridge!!

Hybrid Solar-wind kit 5 to 6kwh/day
  • Pack

Hybrid Wind-Solar System 5-6Kw/day


This hybrid system combines solar and wind power. Its big enough to run a small house. With 3KVA Inverter-charger-charge controller

Atajate Solar Kit

Atajate Solar Kit


The Atajate solar kit covers almost all the electric needs of a small rural house. Generates aprox +2-2,5kw a day. Complete kit with inverter.

ECO-Pro solar kit Vivo Aqui

D.I.Y. Solar Kit "Eco-PRO"


This D.I.Y. kit covers with easy the needs of a compact rural house for permanent living, fo 2-3 people. Will run A+ fridge permanently.Electrify your house fully with 230V a max of 6kw surge power and a daily consumption of + 3 Kw (just on the solar)

Faraján Solar Kit

Faraján Solar Kit


The Farajan Solar Kit is a big system at a small price. 7,5kw aday can be produced easily on a sunny day with a good panel orientation