Shurflo 2088-592-144 230V Pressure Pump Kit with Expansion Vessel

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230V Shurflo 2088-592-144 waterpump kit with marine grade pressure vessel/expansion tank.

Kit that comprises marine quality expansion vessel and the 2088 series 230V high efficiency Shurfflo pump

Well known because of its reliability and patented 3 chamber pumps to its reliable electric motor and mechanical parts.

The main charateristics are the extremely low power consumption, very long life and easy use.


  • Autosuction upto 3,6 metres
  • Dry functioning protected
  • 3 valve chambers
  • Salt proof
  • Permanent magnet motor with thermal protection
  • Can be fitted in any position, are very compact with a very long life expectancy
  • Auto start from 0 to 3,4 Bar
  • Silent operation
  • Intergrated security valve (presostat) with graduation upto 200PSI (13,8 Bar)


 Specially designed for high volume water transfers, under harsh conditions. Irrigations etc.

Possibility of getting spare parts: easy to replace.

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