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Inverters (AKA converters) are electronic devices that converts battery electricity into the traditional AC elecricity you would find behind any household socket. Three types of electric output qualities are available, going from block wave (worst quality, almost obsolete), modified sinewave -also called pseudo sinewave- (still available) and pure sinewave, being this last one the very best. Most of the newer washing machines, dish washers, TV's and recent fridge-freezers won't work properly on anything that is not a pure sinewave inverter.

Inversor Victron Phoenix Smart

Inversor Victron Phoenix Smart


Phoenix Inverter SMART

The Phoenix Inverter Smart is an efficient and reliable inverter. Built on our proven and field tested Phoenix inverter platform, it now comes with a new slimmer design and full metal casing. 1600, 2000 and 3000VA for 12,24 and 48V systems.

Ico-GE Axpert  MS 1.2  Inverter/Charger r
  • On sale!

Ico-GE Axpert MS 1.2 Inverter/Charger r


The new Axpert MS 960W Inverter Charger

Puresine, high efficiency inverter + mains battery charger. Ideal for small offgrid  applications or as UPS.

prowatt 1400

Xantrex Prowatt 1400i


The Xantrex Prowatt 1400i: 1400W of traditional 230Vac power for your needs

Cotek CT1500 sinewave inverter

Cotek CT 24/1500 PureSine Inverter (24V)


The AC power output of this Cotek CT24/1500 inverter is identical to, and in some cases even better than, the power supplied by your normal utility grid. *Ideal for handling sensitive loads and for improving AC equipment performance in systems with 24 VDC input.

Rich Electric Invertek Combi C3 1500 -1500W

Rich Electric Invertek 12-1500-70

€1,249.00 €1,042.39

Pure Sinewave Rich Electric Invertek 12-1500-70 professional inverter-charger from 12Vdc to 230Vac with intelligent switchover