24V Flopower FL1724 Pressure Pump

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Smooth and silent running self priming diaphragm pump. Can be run dry without harming motor. Thermal protection.

Smooth running diaphragm pump, quiet, can be run dry without harm to the pump.

Automatic and aelf-priming with up to 9 feet suction lift.

Made from corrosion resistant materials for durability. Rubber Noise Absorbing Mounts. Fitting supplied conveniently 'snap/click in'. Features a 4 chamber diaphragm.


  • High Output 17 L/m)
  • Provides quiet operation and smooth flow
  • Runs dry without harm to the pump
  • Includes plug-in 3/4" ports for easy installation:

Install with the supplied strainer to protect pump from debris.


  • Model: FP1724 (24V)
  • Voltage: 24Vdc
  • Flow: 17L/Min
  • Amps: 4,5
  • Pressure off: 3,2 bar
  • Strainer Included: Yes


IMPORTANT: Use of a pressure tank is highly recommended when used for houses and pressurised systems and when used for longer (max 30 mins continuous) running periods.

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